What Are Geocells?

The excellent tensile strength of the geo-reinforcements compliments the mechanical characteristics of soil. Soil has high compressive strength but negligible to no low tensile strength. Therefore, soils reinforced with geo-reinforcements can effectively increase the overall strength of the soil, ensuring the safety and stability of the structure. Geo-reinforcements are generally categorized into geocells and geogrids. 

The basic distinction between them lies in their structural shapes. Geogrids are two dimensional sheets of reinforcement and provide stability only through in-plane friction between geogrids and retained materials. On the contrary, geocells have expandable honeycomb panels with a certain height (three-dimensional). It provides stability through confining the material inside these cells. It creates a system that contains infill materials in place and inhibits lateral movements of the aggregates by generating hoop tension as well as passive force around the cells.


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